Version 3.5 of Facebook for iPhone includes tagging and photo uploads

Even though some cool kids are spending more time on Google+ these days, there’s still plenty of love for Mark Zuckerberg’s baby. If you happen to be rocking an iOS device, you’ll want to know that Facebook for iPhone version 3.5 has now been revealed and it comes with some nice upgrades.

For instance, you’ll notice some new sharing options from the compose screen, making it easier for you to get desktop-like Facebook functionality on your iPhone. Other updates include better privacy controls, redesigned Profile and Group walls, and the ability to tag your friends in posts. The tagging bit is a very welcome addition, since I do that quite often in my status updates. Friends can be added from the compose screen either from a list or through a search. And yes, photo uploads are there too.

They’ve also worked to fix some bugs and improve overall performance and stability. This is Facebook 3.5 for iPhone, but I imagine a larger version for iPad should be following shortly.

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  1. Ok, I need help. My version of this says 3.5a – it will NOT update to 3.5 no matter WHAT. I’ve reloaded/reinstalled/everything you can imagine and it STILL says 3.5a. Anyone have this problem as well?! I’m so confused and frustrated.

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