Hase Klimax 2x power assisted recumbent bike keeps away rain

I’m all for going green. If possible, it’d be great if more people took public transit and rode their bikes. However, because of the weather, a lot of commuters don’t want to ride their bikes in the rain. The Hase Klimax 2x fixes that with an optional portable rain cover.

What you see is basically a recumbent bike (it’s really a trike, since there are three wheels), but it is power-assisted. There is an electric motor there to, “assist users climbing hills or over logner stretches.” There are pedals too, if you want to make use of your own human power. That said, it’s the detachable rain cover that’ll save you on the ride to work.

The rain cover folds up when not in use, but it can also be set up quickly, unfolding around the user without the use of any tools. Toss on a poncho, some goggles and a helmet and you’re ready to brave the elements on the way to your downtown corner office. At least that’s the idea. Test rides are being offered in Europe, but I can’t seem to spot pricing info.

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