DivX Plus Streaming by Rovi offers Blu-ray experience to connected devices

Who wants to deal with physical media anymore? It’s so much easier when you just stream your content over an Internet connection, but you might not get the same high-level experience that you get with a physical disc and all the studios can be more concerned about piracy and illegitimate viewing. So, Rovi has come along with a new solution called DivX Plus Streaming.

To be added to Rovi’s existing library of white label digital entertainment technologies, DivX Plus Streaming provides for the “secure distribution of premium video entertainment.” This includes not only high quality video, but also the other multimedia features that you would normally get with a physical Blu-ray disc. DivX Plus Streaming should work with a range of connected devices, including smartphones, HDTVs, game consoles, set-top boxes, and computers.

“The inclusion of features such as smooth fast-forward, quick stream start and subtitle support are real consumer pain points with existing streaming solutions and will help differentiate DivX Plus Streaming in the market,” said Colin Dixon, Senior Partner at The Diffusion Group. And yes, this also means that the whole service is tightly knit with a “flexible DRM framework” with rentals, subscriptions, and outright purchases.


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