Taga bike turns into stroller in 20 seconds

Taga bike turns into stroller in 20 seconds


For sporty moms and dads on the go, a bike that turns into a baby stroller would be pretty convenient. The Taga Bike isn’t cheap at $1495, but the thing does combine a bike and stroller, and some strollers cost $400 or more, depending on just how fancy the features are. And how cool would it be to transform a bike into a stroller in 20 seconds?

The 3-wheel carrier bike design makes biking easy for those who have never learned how. It’s made with aluminum, with a Shimano Nexus Inter-3 internal gear hub, disk brakes on both front wheels and a roller brake on the rear wheel. The Taga Bike has 16-inch wheels and can be set into two positions in stroller mode and two positions in tricycle mode. You can also customize the stroller for two tots.