Linux getting ported to A4 iPhone and iPad, Android next up?

Linux getting ported to A4 iPhone and iPad, Android next up?


Let the hackery begin! We’ve already heard about people getting Android onto the HP TouchPad, but what about all the iDevices that are already out there? Well, it looks like the old penguin has somehow found itself moseying around in Cupertino, because Linux has been brought onto the Apple iPad.

This is really preliminary stuff at the moment, but developers are working on getting a version of Linux on the iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G, and iPad. You might even get it on the iPad 2, but for now, the image shows Linux booting up on a first-gen iTablet. This could also pave the way for the Google Android operating system to work on newer iDevices too.

Android had already been ported to older iDevices, like the iPhone 3G, but this newer development could allow Google’s mobile environment to run on A4-powered smartphones and tablets from Apple. Whether this applies to A5 remains to be seen, but there you have it. Then again, if all you want is an Android tablet, why not just get one in the first place instead of hacking it onto an iPad?

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