Man builds elevator used and operated by his cat


Picture-11 Man builds elevator used and operated by his cat

Cats are known for being able to land uninjured on their feet after a fall. Despite this, there’s a reason fire departments tend to get called when a cat climbs up a tree; no one wants kitty to take the plunge. To ensure his cat never does, a man has built a “Cat-Lift,” to help his cat get from the second floor to the garden. According to “CrazyMrJohn,” the YouTube channel name of the guy who built the thing, the Cat-Lift is completely operated by the cat.

In the comments section CrazyMrJohn explains that the lift is sensor-activated and starts automatically, with a delay of a few seconds. The cat only has to enter the lift, and then the lift locks the door so that kitty doesn’t try to jump out. How did he train the cat to even get in the elevator? With food, of course, and it took about two weeks for the pet to figure out how to use the elevator on its own. From the comments section, we can see that he’s willing to produce one for customers for 800 euros. Yikes. Check out the elevator in action in the video.

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