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Get ready for the Honeycomb-powered Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet

Lenovo is no stranger to tablets, but they’ve been primarily making those convertible Windows PC tablets for enterprise users. They’ll probably keep doing that, but they’re also changing gears to the Google side with the upcoming ThinkPad Tablet too, because it’s going to be powered by Android Honeycomb.

You may have heard about the ThinkPad Tablet when it was announced by Lenovo late last month, along with the IdeaPad K1 and the Windows-powered P1. As the ThinkPad name implies, this is still largely a business-oriented device, going along with all the ThinkPad notebooks that we’ve seen over the years. And so, the mostly matte black appearance is in line with that thinking too.

The specs are par for the Honeycomb course, including a Tegra 2 chip, microUSB port, and dual cameras. The ThinkPad Tablet bumps up a little with a full-size 3-in-1 card reader, an IPS Gorilla Glass screen, and a full size USB host. That last bit is great for business types, because it means that you should be able to use your pre-existing assortment of USB accessories. Pricing is similarly par for the course with the 16GB Wi-Fi model going for $499, which then escalates to $669 if you want 64GB. Those are shipping “soon,” while the 3G version won’t be ready until October.



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  1. I’ve had the ThinkPad Tablet for three months now, and while its overall performance is good, it has a few quirks that can be embarassing in the corporate environment. Like, you don’t want the thing to lock up in the middle of a presentation. Not what i’d expect from something with the ThinkPad logo.
    But if security is an issue, this is the tablet for you. 4 out of 5 points in my book.

  2. Looks a bit chunky but I don’t mind chunky as long as the extra real estate is put to good use like full size USB, full size card reader. Nice Tablet

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