RIM accidentally shows off HTC phone in Torch release party vid

While BlackBerry is quickly falling behind iOS and Android in popularity, it seems consumers aren’t the only ones admiring the competition. In BlackBerry’s latest promotional video, the company accidentally showed off clips of their event guests sending messages on what looks like an HTC Incredible 2 — an Android phone.

The company quickly pulled the video, but not before Phandroid.com was able to download a copy to post on their site.

The video is a promo of the launch party for their newest Torch smartphone and its OS, where apparently not all of the attendants were as impressed with the new equipment as RIM was with their attendants’ gadgets, earning the HTC/Android phone spots at 0:15 and 0:27 in the video. RIM probably should have checked the finished video, as the producer of the vid clearly did not realize the difference between the BlackBerry and the Android. Or they were just being cruel. Let’s see how long this video can stay up before it gets yanked off YouTube.

[Via Phandroid.com]

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  1. HTC Blackberry Torch? <— WTH kind of phone is that? via @JogjaBuzz:twitter

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