Detachable FlashLight door handle makes absolutely no sense

Detachable FlashLight door handle makes absolutely no sense


LEDoor is a door handle and a flash light that can be detached. It does help you find your way in the middle of the night, but it leaves you and others following with no door knob. All you have to do when everything gets dark is reach for the door handle, pull it off and activate the illumination. The knob will then transform into an instant flashlight. The LEDoor also works as an emergency illuminator, providing a low intensity light in case everything goes black.

I’m not sure how easy the handle is attached back to the door and it’s also weird that people in the respective room are left with no way to open it, since there is no longer a door handle. So, if you also fear closed spaces, the LEDoor is not the best option for you. Do they expect everyone to walk around with a LEDoor handle in their pocket? Why not just keep a normal flashlight in your pocket?

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