DSLR Controller app for Android pushes Canon SLR LiveView to smartphone

If you already have an Android phone, you don’t really need to invest in a separate remote for your Canon digital SLR. That’s because the DSLR Controller app effectively gives you all the functionality you need via your Android device.

Using this app, you effectively get the Canon LiveView on the screen of your smartphone. It’s not a wireless connection, for better or for worse, so you will need a USB OTG connection to make it work. That said, it seems to work very well. LiveView pumps along at 15fps and you get access to all the usual adjustments that you would from the camera itself.

You can set your focus point, adjust the aperture (if you’re in AV, the volume rocker adjusts this!), white balance, EV compensation, and so forth. Of course, you can also use the remote shutter to snap a pic too. It all seems pretty handy for the situations where you may want a secondary display. Check out the video for a demo.


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