Aroma Lid makes those crappy cups of coffee all the better

Is the office coffee leaving a lot to be desired? Is it all bland and tasteless? If that’s the case, don’t go rushing out to Starbucks just yet. Instead, you might want to consider picking up the Aroma Lid from Mint Urban Technologies.

Most of what you taste is really about what you smell. In this way, the lid itself isn’t really changing the flavor profile of your morning java, but your nose is conveniently placed right at the smelly part of the coffee lid. As a result, each sip that you take will subjectively taste like it’s fuller in coffee flavor and complexity. (The lid might say Mint, but I’m thinking that’s just the name of the company and not indicative of the flavor you get.)

At least that’s the idea. It’s a cheap way out to getting a slightly better coffee experience. That said, you know how else you can have better coffee? Buy better coffee.

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