The iPhone 4 case for gear heads

The iPhone 4 case for gear heads


gasket-gear-iphone4-case-1 The iPhone 4 case for gear heads
We all know about the delicate of the iPhone 4’s glass back is. It’s not going to survive a 100′ fall and still work, let alone a 10′ one, so you might as well go for something funky. Gear heads will appreciate this all aluminum gasket case for iPhone 4, inspired by the looks of a head gasket of an engine, although it only has 3 cylinders, it looks like no other iPhone case we’ve seen before.

The $29.99 gasket from company iD America made from brushed aluminum with a suede inner lining, it snaps on quit easily to protect the back of your Apple smartphone, and no matter how pick you are there are 5 metallic colors to choose from. You don’t have to take the case off every time you use your iPhone too, since the gasket case features cutouts for the dock connector as well as volume buttons, mute switch, headphone jack, camera and power/sleep button and the Apple logo too, incase you wanted to show off. Plus, for the 30 bucks, you also get protective film and a microfiber cleaning cloth.

gasket-gear-iphone4-case-2 The iPhone 4 case for gear heads gasket-gear-iphone4-case-3 The iPhone 4 case for gear heads

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