The Dark Night Rises Batmobile tumblers spied in Pittsburgh


batman-the-dark-night-rises-tumblrs The Dark Night Rises Batmobile tumblers spied in Pittsburgh

If you were hoping for the next Batman film to come any time soon, well, don’t hold your breath. Christopher Nolan’s franchise is still in production. Although, like most Nolan films, production details are usually kept secret, but this time the crew of The Dark Night Rises was recently spotted in Pittsburgh filming some mystery scenes.

To the delight of people crossing by, the crew was spotted rolling around with a collection of three Tumbler urban assault vehicles. Some fans in the area managed to take photos of the three massive beauties parked on the streets, while YouTube user DoctaM3 was able to film the Tumblers rolling through Pittsburgh.  It looks like the black Tumblers we’ve seen in previous Batman films are now replaced with light camouflage ones, but they are looking just as menacing as ever.  And by watching the video, they even sound menacing, as the sound of the Tumblers rolling past the camera is quite fearsome.  If until now you were eagerly waiting for “The Dark Night Rises”, I’m you’ve just lost your patience.

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