Making your own Lion USB Boot Disk, Free


lion-boot Making your own Lion USB Boot Disk, Free After shelling out a measly $30 for OSX Lion, going through a week of transitions and quirks and perhaps feeling a little unnerved with this cloud computing thing; not having a physical disk to go with your purchase.  So, why would you have to go and pay again for a USB bootable copy when Apple releases it later this month?  You don’t, and you wont, not with this handy little tool called Lion Diskmaker.  It’s a simple app that extracts the “necessary embryonic Lion items” from the package you previously downloaded from the App Store, then writes them to your USB drive or a DVD.  Then of course, you have your physical copy of Lion, not just a virtual DMG installer.    If you’ve already installed Lion you may have noticed that your installer has disappeared, yeah, Apple did that.  What you will have to do is load the App Store on another computer, then re-download Lion again.

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