Elecom Karabiner USB Flash drive clips to anywhere

If you’re looking for the type of USB stick that is easy take with you, even on your rock climbing adventures, then Elecom’s latest x nendo Karabiner Type USB flash drive just might suit your needs.

As you could tell by its name, Elecom designed a karabiner styled USB flash drive with a 4GB flash memory to hold your digital goods. The flash drive measures 61 x 23.8 x 7mm and supports PASS x AES 256bit encryption to make sure any important data if lost, is somewhat secure. It also features USB 2.0 at roughly 480Mbps transfer rate, 5 fantastic colors and it easily attaches to your key chain just by clipping it on. The Elecom x nendo Karabiner Type USB flash (that’s a long name!) is available in red, blue, green, black and white and you could buy it from geekstuff4u.com, the same place where the x nendo DATA clip is available for $43.40 from GeekStuff.

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