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Apple iPhone 5 delayed until late October, leaked photos show new design

Uh oh. Up until now, the tradition has been for Steve Jobs to take the stage and launch a new version of the popular iPhone every June. This year, it looked like the next iteration — which could be called the iPhone 4S or the iPhone 5 — would get pushed until September. Now, it’s looking like anyone waiting will have to keep waiting until some time in October.

This comes by way of AllThingsD.com, a tech blog that falls under the News Corp. umbrella… and you know how good those guys are at digging through voicemails their sources to get at the heart of a matter. This is in stark contrast to most other reports that are saying the next iPhone will be released in September, just in time for the back to school rush. The increase in staff seemed to support that notion too.

As far as the rest of the rumors go, they’re all over the map. Some say that Apple will stick with the current 3.5-inch Retina Display. Others say it’ll get bumped to 3.7-inches and others still are pointing toward a 4.0-inch display. We’ve seen all kinds of leaked cases that indicate major, minor, and no changes to the overall form factor and design. We’ve seen some with tapered shapes and others with the same block shape as the iPhone 4.  The most interesting of the recent iPhone 5 images from Gizmodo shows a mashup of the iPhone 3GS beveled edges with the unibody design of the iPhone 4; they’re so sure about it that Jesus Diaz has gone and made a bet.

And so, as is the case with all things Apple, we’re still in the relative dark about what to expect out of the iPhone 5. Steve, can you kindly put all these rumors to rest and just cross the stage in a black turtleneck sooner rather than later?



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  1. Realistic Listener

    I feel like there may be some minor truth to this picture. Apple IS always looking for new ways to make the phone as easy to drop as possible and this could be the next step

  2. Its so fake its unreal. The ‘iPhone’ font is completely wrong and well as the text and logo being the wrong proportions in relation to previous generation iPhones AND whoever typed the text is has got it all wrong. What is interesting is that there is an Apollo company working from California. Maybe they are just producing fakes for fun?..

  3. It appears to me that this is a substantially “faked” model, no doubt. Apple would for one, never downgrade on screen size, return to an older style of phone architecture, and wouldn’t leak products to Chinese companies, who hold contracts to not release products early, contracts that could lose manufacturers millions.

    Very doubtful this is the new iPhone. So don’t get your hopes up.

  4. Fake the back says designed by apollo wtf n assemble in USA mi iphone says china

  5. On the back of the phone says assembled in the USA…. Look closely and you will see this is not the iphone 5

  6. Wouldn’t a turtleneck imply that it’s closer to winter than summer?

    • They’re in California. It’s pretty much summer all year long. Besides, I’m sure El Jobso has an app for that. He just uses his iPhone 6S Elite and boots up iJobsWeather to change it to whatever he wants. 😉

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