BookBook case converts iPhone 4 into storied old tome

Most iPhone 4 cases try to maintain a certain contemporary look, either through plastic, silicone, or whatever else. This is definitely not one of those cases. Instead, the BookBook case from TwelveSouth is meant to make your iPhone look like a centuries-old leather bound book. And, well, it looks pretty successful at achieving that goal.

It’s almost like you wandered into an ancient monastery on top of the hill and received a glorious old book filled with knowledge passed down through the generations. The distressed embossed leather certainly gives a different feel compared a bright red polyurethane skin, that’s for sure. The case itself is more like a wallet with a few card slots on the other side for your driver’s license and credit cards.

The little red flap at the top kind of ruins the overall appearance, but the leather bound book look will likely help you avoid any would-be iThieves. The BookBook case is available now for $60.

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  1. I have this case and love it. It holds my credit cards, drivers license, and some cash as well. Don’t you think the little red tag is supposed to be a bookmark? That’s what I tell people (and they believe me).

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