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Samsung announces white version of Galaxy S II Android superphone

As far as Android phones are concerned, the Samsung Galaxy S II is easily one of the best. That brilliant Super AMOLED display, that peppy Tegra2 processor, that super slim profile. She’s an absolute beauty, but maybe you’re not a fan of the color scheme. Well, Samsung is trying to spark some additional interest in this superphone by announcing a white variant.

It’s amazing, really, how excited people get over just a new color for an otherwise identical phone. Look at how long it took Apple to figure out how to release a white version of the iPhone 4. In any case, the white variant of the Galaxy S II will be made available initially to UK customers, nabbing their pre-orers through Clove. The expected arrival date is August 15 and we’re hearing of the full retail price being pegged at 492 GBP (almost $800!).

The assumption is that Samsung will also be shipping the white Galaxy S II to other markets. Carriers like Bell in Canada that already have the Galaxy S II will likely be offered the white variant too. From what I can see, both the front and the back have been emblazoned in the snowy glow, including that single hardware button on the front.




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  1. You people at Mobile Magazine ought to be ashamed of yourselves.  Are you so freaking blind – or super liberal – that you cannot discern that this phone is a blatant copy of iPhone?
    And while I’m at it, I don’t know about anyone else, but I am sick and tired, fed up, disgusted and bored with the continuing dissimulation of comparing/contrasting iPhone with Android. Whoever framed the debate had Google’s advantage in mind.ANDROID IS NOT A PHONE (Google does not make hardware). It is an OS whose questionable parentage is presently being decided by the courts.Actually, Android is freeware – I stopped just short of calling it malware, because of its surreptitious, insidious, immoral, if not illegal, practice of data mining for profit.The comparison ought to be iPhone vs HTC, HP, MS, Motorola, Samsung, MS, RIM, Nokia et al. The discussion of Android ought not to dignify it by elevating it to the esteemed level of iPhone (iOS).Let’s be honest to frame the discussion more accurately in the future by relegating Android to its proper place, freeware.

    • This post is about a new model smartphone made by Samsung running the Android OS.  It’s not a debate about apple vs google or iphone vs htc, hp, ms, motorola, samsung… If you would like a debate question please send us your ideas to tips

  2. What about U.S. even getting the phone?

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