Acoustic interface promises lossless recording of oldschool guitars

Fellow buskers: Would you pay $70 to be able to record your music with the same sound and body available to electric-wielders? If so, Alesis AcousticLink might what you’re looking for.  With a clamp-on acoustic pickup, Cubase LE software and integration with GarageBand, Protools or Studio One, Alesis’ new acoustic recording equipment also eliminates the need for costly and troublesome mic-ing trials.  The company claims their digital recording solution retains all of the body and resonance of an acoustic guitar for CD-quality recording, capable of interacting fully with effects at the post- or production-level, rather than at the pedal stages like some electric guitarists prefer.

The full digital acoustic interface is presumed to cost about $70 at its release, though Alesis hasn’t confirmed that price yet.

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