Accounting on the go with QuickBooks Mobile for Android and iOS

The office is not a physical place. It has become an organic being that follows you everywhere. Your email and calendar are stored in the cloud. Anyone can call you at any time, no matter where you are. And now you can handle all your money-managing books on the road too, thanks to the launch of QuickBooks Mobile for Android and iPhone.

Naturally, the idea behind this Intuit product is to link up your smartphone with the software you already have on your computer. QuickBooks Mobile provides mobile access to your QuickBooks data, whether you’re using QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Online. They’ve designed it to work for small business owners on the go.

The mobile app, which is free if you’re already subscribed to QuickBooks Online, lets you create estimates, manage invoices, view customer details and so on. If you have Pro or Premier, you’ll need to sign up for a subscription. The actual download of the app itself is free through Android Market and Apple iTunes App Store. Now you can take your work with you anywhere.

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