Google’s Doodle HTML 5 canvas is neat

Google’s Doodle HTML 5 canvas is neat


Picture-12-640x403 Google's Doodle HTML 5 canvas is neat

Google is known for replacing its logo on search pages with a different doodle on special occasions, but today marks an extra special occasion. That’s because today’s doodle is built entirely using HTML 5 canvas. That’s a milestone for them.  What exactly does this mean? Using the HTML 5 canvas, today’s doodle is completely interactive. The first HTML 5 canvas doodle pays homage to Alexander Calder. It happens to be his birthday today and the doodle is meant to mirror the look of “The Star” a mobile that Calder created in 1960. It has an abstract fish with freely-moving sections linked by single strands of wire.  Jered Wierzbicki, Software Engineer at Google “wandered into a white room at Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago full of Alexander Calder’s delicate “objects,” all beautifully balanced and proportioned, moving gently in the air currents like a whimsical metal forest.”

You can move your cursor around to move the mobile as a breeze would. Interestingly, the dynamic shadow below the search bar will also move accordingly. Remember that the elements of the mobile is really a physics simulation and it does real-time 3D rendering with vector graphics.

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