The new ‘unlimited’ data plans from T-Mobile

I’m tired of this. It’s one thing to make boastful claims like having the largest network, the fewest dropped calls, or the fastest data rates. It’s another thing altogether to say that you have unlimited data, only to cite specific limits to how much of that unlimited data you can have. And that’s exactly what T-Mobile has done.

The new “Value” plans will be made available on July 24 and the idea is that you can get access to T-Mobile’s 4G network (let’s not open the whole “what is 4G?” can of worms again) in a “more affordable” way. They say that these plans offer “unlimited data” but then they immediately say that they come with “2GB, 5GB, or 10GB of high-speed data — with no data overage charges.”

So, they just cut you off when you reach your cap rather than throttling you down? It’s not exactly unlimited when you have a limit set at those specific numbers. To be fair, most users aren’t going to use all that much data, but you can’t market these plans as having unlimited data when it’s clearly limited. An example they give is the $49.99 per line Value family plan “with unlimited talk, unlimited text and unlimited data with 2 GB of high-speed data.” It’s not unlimited data!! Grr…

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  1. Rashiki777 says:

    I actually think that the throttling idea is actually pretty brilliant and a good deal.

  2. Rashiki777 says:

    I actually think that the throttling idea is actually pretty brilliant and a good deal.

  3. Roy says:

    If you read the fine print.  You’ll notice its unlimited to a cap and then is a reduced speed.  You still have unlimited data, just they throttle you down after you hit the cap.  This is actually common with other T-mobile plans.  What is annoying is they never state what the “reduced” speed is.

  4. Uniwold says:

    Though our highest court of justice is supposed to provide just that ‘Justice’, It has often followed a conservative/liberal approach, and which ever group dominated the judges… has drive the decisions that way… Shame on the highest court of law for granting and allowing corporations do legally do business with impunity, giving them rights of both people and essentially dictatorship on top of that.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is what Republican sponsored deregulation has led to. They can lie with impunity since “we can’t restrict the corporations right to free speech”. That would be horribly unfair.

    • Latinpa4ny says:

      I second u on that mf2112 . Its a shame this is what things in this country has come to .in fact the world that is. Where greed is king and more and more corporate execs compare who has bigger goldplated bathrooms while the average working person is trying to make ends meet. What does this have to do with the tmobile data prices u say? Well everytime we pay more for things that should be cheaper as time goes on, thats the life we truly are funding.

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