Superlative Sun Glasses Feature LCD Screen And Camera

110718142826-large-640x480 Superlative Sun Glasses Feature LCD Screen And Camera

Prices for sunglasses can reach a staggering $300 and still, they often don’t provide the necessary UV protection. To some people, sunglasses function as a summer accessory more than protection. Well, now it looks like the summer accessory has been revolutionized. The smart sun glasses created by Eye Dinamic, an American company, are nowhere near the common sunglasses. Instead of lenses, they feature LCD screens and just above the nose, in the bridge of the glasses, there is a camera.

Although not very aesthetic, the glasses seem to be highly effective. The camera detects bright spots of light and sends a signal to the LCDs to darken the lens in order to protect the wearer from the blinding glare. This happens in about 50 milliseconds. They aren’t fancy-looking but they may prove to be of great help, for glaucoma patients with sensitivity to light as well as for cars’ rear-view mirrors. The glasses aren’t ready for the consumer market yet, so price is unavailable. They somehow remind me of Terminator’s glasses…

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