VaValiero Cover lets you get two SIM cards on your iPhone 4

Picture-4 VaValiero Cover lets you get two SIM cards on your iPhone 4

There are all sorts of dual SIM solutions out there, but the iPhone represents a unique challenge in that it uses that SIM card tray thing. Many existing solutions don’t work. That’s why you might be happy to hear about this dual sim cover by VaValiero. Yes, it gives your iPhone 4 the ability to run two phone numbers.

It’s a relatively simple contraption. There’s one end that goes into the regular SIM card tray on your iPhone 4. The other end extends out of that slot and gives you places to add two SIM cards. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am… but there’s a catch. You can’t have both phone numbers “live” at the same time.

Instead, you can only have one “active” SIM at a time, but you can easily switch from one SIM card to the next one without having to reboot your phone. I guess that’s not too bad. It also helps that this is indeed a cover/case too, so you don’t have an unsightly dongle sticking out the side of your iDevice. The Dual SIM iPhone 4 cover is shipping now for about $70.

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