Boring Old Lab Coat Gets Transformed into Wearable TV

transformed lab coat

video-coat-1-thumb-550xauto-66506 Boring Old Lab Coat Gets Transformed into Wearable TV

Lab coats tend to be associated with dull, boring scientists. They’re paper white, long sleeved, buttoned up and old. The lab coats, I mean. But Mr. Dave Forbes wants to change all that. You see, just like everyone else, Mr. Forbes thought that plain old lab coats were boring. The difference between him and the rest of the world is that he actually did something about it.

What he did is stick LEDs to his coat. Loads of them. Enough to give 160×120 resolution, to be more precise. Well, now Dave’s got something of a TV wrapped around him. Add a 12 V battery for power and a connection to either an iPod or DVD player and you’ve got the most eye-catching lab coat available to humankind. Ok, it’s not quite your home TV or computer display. But it’s a good step toward actually wearing said display. If you want to see the wonder, head to Burning Man, as rumors say Dave will be there to present his new invention. Check out the coat in action in the video.

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