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Apple iPad 3 mockup emerges with 3D edge-to-edge AMOLED display

We’re still waiting on Steve Jobs and the rest of the iCrew to formally announce the new iPhone 5, but it seems that more and more concepts are starting to emerge for the inevitable iPad 3 as well. Some upgrades are to be expected, but this mockup is really quite the beauty.

Let’s preface this by saying that, this mockup is highly unofficial and will most probably not even nearly represent what the final third-generation tablet from Apple will look like. That said, it is in line with several of the possible rumors for the iPad 3, including an edge-to-edge display that could be similar to the edge-to-edge we’re hearing for the iPhone 5.

But this display could be different. Yes, if the iPhone 5 rumors hold up, the edge-to-edge screen would mean virtually no bezel, as well as the absense of the physical home button. The two kickers here are that the display could be 3D, including 3D apps, and it could be AMOLED. The latter screams out a Samsung supply chain, but the two companies are still butting heads over other problems.

If this “iPad 3 mockup” really turns out to be representative of the final iPad 3 product, I’m sure even the non-iFans (myself included) will have to appreciate its beauty. Super thin chassis, edge-to-edge AMOLED 3D screen, A6 quad core processor? Stunning. Simply stunning.




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  1. how do you hold it without causing something unwanted to happen?

  2. Interesting mockup.  The 3D is definitely speculative but visually Apple would be on a winner with this design. Just because the screen covers the entire front panel does not mean it has to be sensitive to touch.  That would allow Apple to make the screen bigger without 100% touchscreen functionality. 

  3. This is a horrible rumor; the retina screen is a maybe but not 3D. You can’t control apps in 3D because your fingers mess up the 3D effect when you bring them to the screen. Which means that if any company did use a 3D screen(yes like the Android one) it will only be used for movie playback. I know what you’re thinking and no tilt-based games won’t work because you’ll be tilting the screen away from you messing up the 3D effect that way. The 3DS works because of the external controls it has.

  4. cheap sensation

  5. cheap sensation

  6. This is a terrible design.  How will you hold it without your thumbs messing up the screen sensor?  The iPhone you can pinch between your fingers.  the iPad you need some border for your thumb.  Also, that iPad ain’t bad outside in the sun.  You wanna wreck that with AMOLED?

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