iPad 2 Jailbreak leaked: Buggy and broken

Screen shot 2011-07-03 at 4.29.58 PM

Screen-shot-2011-07-03-at-4.29.58-PM iPad 2 Jailbreak leaked: Buggy and broken

Save you’re jailbreak searching fingers, the iPad 2 Jailbreak that was recently leaked by a “beta tester” is just a buggy version that may even give you more trouble than its worth. The leak was done to push Comex to release something soon, as said @Comex “Congratulations, some moron used a dictionary attack(?) to leak a buggy version and put me on a useless time limit.”

@MuscleNerd even tweeted “bizarre…the leakers seem confused why they’re not being cheered for “releasing” @comex’s not-even-ready jailbreak.” They’re not being cheered because 1) the leaked version is nearly impossible to find, and 2) it’s buggy as hell. One thing is certain, Comex is now on it and we should see a jailbreak for the iPad 2 via Dev-Team or at least Jailbreakme.com very soon.

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