Leaked: The iPhone 4 brick case


DSC_0103 Leaked: The iPhone 4 brick case

Check out these images of the next-generation Destroyer case from Incipio. We call it the brick, simply because, well, it’s about the size of a brick once you’re all said and done. And it could probably take the impact from a brick smashing on it. We don’t have a release date or price yet, but by looking at these pictures they are going to be targeting military and enterprise users or people who like big gigantic cellphones but are lost in this futuristic world of slim, cutting edge designs. What was once a durable and dependable case, has been transformed into this gigantic monstrosity that can withstand almost anything you throw at it. It’s not waterproof, which completely sucks. If you’re going to make a case this gigantic atleast let us submerge the thing. It comes with a built in screen protector and 3 levels of protection, kiss your slim iPhone 4 goodbye and sell hello to 1984; the iPhone brick.

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