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Check out the Apple iPhone 5

The month of June is almost coming to an end, which will also mark the end of a recent tradition of June iPhone launches. Even so, we’ve got some juicy new rumors for the iPhone 5 for you to devour in the meantime. First, the new iPhone may not continue the iPhone 4 aesthetic.

Instead, a “reliable source” is saying that we should expect a “radical new case design for the upcoming iPhone.” There have already been rumors that Apple would be returning to a curved back and there’s a very significant change of a larger display (and smaller bezel). The exact details surrounding the new case have not been confirmed.

This means that the iPhone 4S making its way around select developers might not be the true iPhone 5 at all. Instead, it’s really just an iPhone 4 with upgraded internals. Whether those same upgraded internals make their way to the iPhone 5 remains to be seen, but we are expecting to see the A5 dual-core processor from the iPad 2, as well as a “more advanced camera” with eight megapixels of iGoodness.

Oh, and one more thing (sorry I couldn’t resist): Rumors of an iPhone nano have resurfaced again. Bloomberg is reporting that Apple could have a cheaper and smaller iPhone in the works that will use similar chips to the current generation. These would be mostly for developing countries, but they could be a good fit for budget-minded iSoccer Moms and other iEnthusiasts.




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  1. they should say off the bat the pic is fake so nubs dont go spreading it around(you can tell by the aliasing around the screen)

  2. The pic above looks almost identical to the white iphone 4, with the exception of one thing: the screen. Compare the size of the screen on the above pic to the white iphone 4. You’ll notice an edge to edge screen. :) Can’t wait until September 7.

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