Chronic Dev Team: Still working on jailbreak for iPad 2

Remember in May when the Chronic Dev guys promised an iPad 2 jailbreak solution “in a few weeks.” Well, we might have to add a few more weeks to that promise, because it’s not ready yet.

The latest update comes by way of @p0sixninja on Twitter, telling us that the Chronic Dev Team is “still diligently working on both the iPad2 jailbreak & lots of other exciting projects.” He also thanks you for your patience, but considering that you don’t pay anything for these jailbreaks, you’re still getting your money’s worth, right?

Really, the news here is no news. The jailbreak for the iPad 2 isn’t ready yet, but Chronic Dev Team is working on it and they want to make sure it’s all good before going public. More testing awaits.


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  1. Akira420 says:

    So in other words, nothing has changed. Why even make a blog post?

  2. Why worry about jailbreaking the iPad 2 – there are plenty of “open” Android tablets right?

    • Renolk78 says:

      STFU fag. Go troll elsewhere dumbfucker

    • Anonymous says:

      lol your such a hater….poor little ipad 2 still has no jailbreak boohoo waaah waaaah…..fckin apple trolls….get yaself an android tablet like thad said…..and stop relying on a jailbreak.

    • NoO says:

      Yes and no.  Some Android tablets are locked from modding.  Many of the “open” android tablets are not worth modding.  Still those android tablets that are open, and have the hardware, do not have a decent enough display (I own a Viewsonic gTablet).  In addition, Google seems to be slowly turning away from the open source community by not releasing Honeycomb source code.  So in other words, “open” Android tablets may become a myth soon.

  3. Xdarthdethx says:

    I would donate to speed up that jailbreak

  4. Kevin says:

    I feel like the iPad 2 jailbreak won’t come out until the new iPhone is released in the Fall with iOS 5. Maybe they don’t want to show Apple how they got around the A5 chip until it’s in the phone.

  5. MonTage69 says:

    you are a chop, this news is weeks old please stay up to date instead of posting old news like this

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