Pioneer develops washable earphones

pioneerwashable-580x273 Pioneer develops washable earphones
Pioneer has launched an inner ear earphones model capable of offering clear sound and powerful bass with a frequency set between 10Hz and 20 kHz and 16Ω impedance. But where the 3.5mm stereo headphones with gold jack and 1.2 silver cladded wire really changes things, is that they are made of a soft, ergonomic material can be washed with soap and water.   What do you do when your earbuds get full of ear wax and all the other bacteria that gets deposited on the earphones’ surface?   Just leave them in your pants pocket (intentionally) and send them through the washing machine.  The se-cl331’s have a capacity to withstand water  because they are protected by two layers of mesh and rubber rings, a metal sheet and a hard casing allow the earphones to withstand water pressure up to one meter without damaging any electronic parts.

The earphones are available in three colors: white, blue and pink and can be purchased for a price tag of $60.

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