Sega Toylet game lets you piss away $2000

Sega Toylet game lets you piss away $2000


sega-piss-game Sega Toylet game lets you piss away $2000

Seriously. Ever since Sega lost the console wars to Nintendo, I’m not really sure the company has ever found its way again. Sonic lost its luster a long long time ago, and now their business is going down the Toylet, literally.

Sega has developed a new game that works in tandem with a urinal. The piss game doesn’t involve you touching the screen at all (thank goodness!), relying instead on the steady stream of urine you’ll be providing after a couple hours at the pub. You pee, you earn points, and you get ranked among other urinal users for high scores.

“We think guys have experienced aiming at a variety of things when they go to the bathroom. Here we want them to progress through a game when they aim at a target in the toilet. We think this is a completely new concept where they can play a game without using their hands or fingers.”

There’s an infrared sensor that detects the approach of a new gamer and then microwaves “hit the stream of urine when the person urinates, and it reads the reflected microwaves to detect the speed of the urine stream. The volume is then calculated by the speed and duration of the urination.”

And the microwaves hit your junk too. I’m not so sure that’s a good idea, but there you go. The Sega Toylet will be ready to sterilize and entertain you by November of this year.  It’s largely being targeted at “drinking and eating establishments.” It’ll cost 140,000 yen for the hardware and 10,000 yen for the software. Combined, that works out to about $1,850 US bar owners just literally pissed away.

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