LiveStreamPac is an HD live broadcasting system in a backpack


streampac LiveStreamPac is an HD live broadcasting system in a backpackReporters can now go to almost any corner of the world and share news. Be in remote areas, crowded streets, or public events, the live stream system will allow journalists the ability delivery high quality video outside broadcasts.

“ATCi has always been on the cutting edge with its integration services by providing next generation TV. Now we are able to provide this same tradition of services in the mobile sector,” said Gary Hatch, MeshTV/ATCi’s CEO.

The functionality of LiveStreamPac will be demonstrated at the Cable Show Event 2011 in booth #608.  The portable HD streaming system is what the company calls a “compact backpack video system,” we’d call it the ultimate mobile broadcasting beast.  It would essentially be used for reporting live coverage in remote locations, think Iraqi dessert.  Let’s hope the actual units perform better than the companies own website whose live stream feeds for both iPad and iPhone are broken.



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