3D Pocket camera kicks it with a ViewMaster


dxg-018 3D Pocket camera kicks it with a ViewMaster

Let’s face it, 3D glasses suck. If you really want 3D without spending big money DXG is here on the cheap. Their DXG-018 kicks it with your prototypical dual lens configuration, necessary to shoot those 3D pictures, but it presents them to you in a completely different way. Rather than throwing on those glasses or using really expensive display technology that is bad for your eyes – enter Nintendo 3DS – DXG kicks it old school.  This is no joke. After you’ve taken your pictures and you print them and cut them out, (don’t worry Edward scissor hands, they’re separated by a dotted line) you place them into the special 3D cardboard viewfinder. It’s just like those old ViewMasters your old uncle had kicking around the basement. When you look through the special viewfinder here you will be mesmerized by the 3D-like effect. It’s not incredibly advanced, but at $70 the DXG-018 3D camera is just one of those things you gotta have.

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