Nissan Screws up Leaf Orders

Nissan Screws up Leaf Orders


Nissan-Leaf-EV-1 Nissan Screws up Leaf Orders

Nissan messed up. Though naysayers hate on electric vehicles because of low ranges, lack of refueling stations on every corner and expensive batteries, things looked promising for the all-electric Leaf. The EV has won several car awards, including the 2011 European Car of the Year and the 2011 World Car of the Year, and currently ranks as the most efficient EPA certified vehicle for all fuels ever. The EV has received praise from critics and was met with enthusiasm from consumers. But now Nissan has dropped customers from the waiting list for the car and asked them to reapply, if a USA Today report is to be believed. This has angered customers who have been waiting for months for the car and have faced multiple delays.

Customers have described delivery dates being moved back several months, and some fear they might have to wait too long and no longer be able to obtain federal tax credits to make the car more affordable. There were 20,000 pre-orders in the United States for the vehicle’s debut, which led Nissan to stop taking orders until they had shipped out the existing orders. On May 1st, Nissan reopened reservations to US customers in certain states. Folks itching for a Leaf have been waiting for months now, and we’ll see if they’re willing to wait even longer for their zero-emissions car.


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