Samsung 2View Camera Adds Cartoons To Get Kid’s Attention


samsung-st700-640x263 Samsung 2View Camera Adds Cartoons To Get Kid’s Attention
Here is a scenario you might be familiar with: it’s a beautiful sunny day and your kid is trying to kick his first soccer ball around the yard. They’re laughing and having heaps of fun, but as soon as you decide it would be the perfect time to take a picture, they’re not interested.   So how can you possibly grab the kid’s attention? Well, people have tried snapping their fingers or shaking their keys, clapping, and making funny faces, but until now we have overlooked the power of cartoons.  Samsung has developed a range of animation features which are available on its 2View point and shoot cameras (those ones with an LCD in front and back). The 2View cameras in 2009 sold well among individuals who mostly take pictures of themselves or with a friend, and who don’t have a flat surface handy or a third person to take the photo for them.  But with the Samsung ST700, PL170 and PL120, there’s 21 different kid-friendly and cute animations available for free download to display on the camera’s front screen to amuse and entertain camera-shy kids when you’re trying to get that shot.   Samsung expects the cartoon to help hold a fidgety child’s attention just long enough for you to take their photo. Hopefully their face is one of joy and interest and not a wide-mouth gaping zombie stare. Visit Samsung’s website to download the animations.

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