Hey Gramps, Check out the Emporia RL1

Hey Gramps, Check out the Emporia RL1


Emporia-RL1 Hey Gramps, Check out the Emporia RL1

While many people consider things like video games, digital cameras, GPS and browsing pages and pages of Google results are a must for a mobile phone,  there are others who just want to make a call, as simple and directly as possible.  Obviously we’re talking about the elderly here, they usually aren’t concerned with being able to go on Facebook, download apps and twitpic self-portraits; although we have seen our share of savvy old timers.   Emporia has gone and made simple menus, gigantic buttons, adjustable text size and a long-lasting battery life, that’s what’s important, yeah!   We hope they also increased the volume amplification too, “hello? hello? I cant hear you!” no more of that.

If you’re drooling on the keyboard right now, perhaps are squinting at the screen because this font is too small all the while yelling at the kids who are walking on your lawn, this phone may be for you.   Being one of the most straightforward mobile phones in the world, the RL1 lets you text, make calls, store numbers, set alarms, birthday reminders and use a calculator. Yes, it’s 1991 again.  Oh wait, you can change Ringtones too, and blast them super loud of course.  How are you going to find this thing when you misplace it if you cant hear it when you phone it.   So be a good grandson and buy this for your nanna.  The RL1 will cost just $99 (£60) on Vodafone’s monthly pay as you go plan of course.




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