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Chronic Dev Promises iPad 2 Jailbreak ‘in a Few Weeks’

When it comes to jailbreak solutions for iOS devices, nearly everyone has been turning to the Chronic Dev team for their solutions. These are the guys that came up with the Greenpois0n tool, for example, and now they’re promising a jailbreak for the Apple iPad 2 in a few weeks.

This promise comes by way of team member p0sixninja, who is otherwise known as Josh. He says that the iPad 2 jailbreak will be ready in “weeks” and while the Chronic Dev team isn’t normally one to promise set deadlines, they are “all going to hold him to that” promise.

Do you have an iPad 2? Are you going to jailbreak it the moment Chronic Dev releases the tool? Or are you too concerned about some of the possible issues related to jailbreaking iDevices?

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  1. Greenp0ison is by far the best jailbreak tool I’ve used and I’m really looking forward to the release of the iPad 2 JB, I just hope the wait isn’t too much longer!

  2. I agree with TKTarr! Come on dev team we donate to the cause but kept getting led on. Give us an actual date and we keep donating to the cause

  3. I’ve had my ipad since day one and jail broke it myself 😀 Hoorah!! On the first day and then they made these updates which stopped me in my tracks :( haha i lied and then i just re-packed everything made a few tweaks and boom cydia and installous ftw !

  4. wheres your source please

  5. Just got my iPad 2 today. Can’t wait for the jailbreak to come out these paid apps suck I saw one app £20 I’m sorry but that’s outrageous

  6. I have been waiting for a jailbreak , keep it up Chronic dev team.

  7. I myself have a iPad 2 and I really can’t wait for that jailbreak. What sucks is that I gotta wait.

  8. So again, a week after a story appears where the Dev team say they will hold p0sixninja to his promise of the ipad jailbreak being out in a few weeks, they release this saying that they promise that the jailbreak will be out in a few weeks. What is a few weeks? Do we have to kept being fed idealistic bullcrap. Just be brutally honest with the public. If it takes a month, tell us and then we dont have to spend our days checking each update.
    Ive donated to this cause but its seems like the dev team are just feeding the public what they want to hear and setting them up for disappointment.

    •  I’d say give Chronic Dev Team a break, at least their making a jailbreak.  I can’t do that and I’m sure you can’t…so I don’t mind waiting.

      • I understand that but in a similar circumstance, if someone was inventing a cure for cancer, they wouldnt be misleading people on the ETA. Im truly grateful to them for this but they should stop getting peoples hopes up when they know they cant deliver on a promise.

        • This isn’t like curing cancer. This isn’t their job. They’re doing this to be NICE. And besides if they DID give an ETA and couldn’t follow through, what would you be saying then? Something like “they should stop getting peoples hopes up when they know they cant deliver on a promise”? That’s why they’re being ambiguous; to avoid getting people’s hopes up. I got my iPad on day 5 and I’ll wait as long as it takes for the jailbreak.

        • @63f34954d5a95fd6da66b755840f1cf3:disqus , who I can’t directly reply to for some reason (probably because of some limit on nested replies), maybe YOU can wait, because you didn’t get yours until day five, but how do you think people like me feel, who got it on day one, having to stand in the blistering sun for five hours to get it? Add to that the fact that I stood in the blistering sun for five hours knowing I’m going to have to do it all over again in another year.

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