Chronic Dev Promises iPad 2 Jailbreak ‘in a Few Weeks’


jailbreak-ipad2 Chronic Dev Promises iPad 2 Jailbreak 'in a Few Weeks'

When it comes to jailbreak solutions for iOS devices, nearly everyone has been turning to the Chronic Dev team for their solutions. These are the guys that came up with the Greenpois0n tool, for example, and now they’re promising a jailbreak for the Apple iPad 2 in a few weeks.

This promise comes by way of team member p0sixninja, who is otherwise known as Josh. He says that the iPad 2 jailbreak will be ready in “weeks” and while the Chronic Dev team isn’t normally one to promise set deadlines, they are “all going to hold him to that” promise.

Do you have an iPad 2? Are you going to jailbreak it the moment Chronic Dev releases the tool? Or are you too concerned about some of the possible issues related to jailbreaking iDevices?

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