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First Android Clamshell To Be Released in Japan

Clamshell phones were once considered to be the hip and happening design for cellphones, but the trend didn’t carry over to smartphones. Most love the sleek, thin bodies of smartphones, but there is a soul or two who might yearn for the satisfying flip open, flip close of clamshells. Well, flip phone lovers in Japan can rejoice, because it looks like the clamshell is making a comeback in the Far East. Sharp will release the world’s first Android clamshell phone fashioned after the good ol’ flip phones, with the Sharp AQUOS Phone; The Hybrid 007SH from SoftBank Japan.

Some of the highlights of the Hybrid 007SH include a 3.4-inch touchscreen, 1 GHz processor, 16-megapixel rear camera with 720p video recording mode as well as 3D photo and 3D video mode, and a waterproof body to save your phone from a dreaded toilet dive.

While North Americans probably won’t see the clamshell in stores, it’ll be interesting to see if it gains some fans in Japan who were reluctant to switch over to smartphones. Or, it might be completely ignored by consumers who prefer their smartphones the way they are and consider a flip phone Android to be an abomination. What’s your take? Flip or not to flip?



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  1. where and how can i buy that phone??
    may i know the price?cause i what to try that.

  2. A CLAMSHELL by default but ACTUALLY IT HAS A TOUCHSCREEN with a virtual keyboard TOO AND ALLOWS YOU TO SLIDE THE DISPLAY overtop the numeric keypad TO RESEMBLE SOME OF YOUR SIMPLE, BORING HANDHELDS and IT HAS WATERPROOF PARTS. I apologize if any of the above is incorrect because a second mobile like this is currently available in China from SAMSUNG, called the W899, and one of them, or both, are exactly as I described in the previous sentence. The original author of this thread and some of you other morons writing things like your grandfather having something similar or whatever, is the reason Asia is set to have the strongest economy in the world. My last point is that I miss the old 123 ABC models because you can type without looking IF YOU GOT BRAINS ENOUGH TO REMEMBER THE LAYOUT and FEEL AROUND THE BASE PLATE to know which is what.

    • My post above discredits the author of this thread by accident because I carried over ( copied ) this comment from another forum defending the clamshells and I FORGOT to mention THAT THESE TYPE MOBILES ARE EASIER TO CRADLE TO YOUR EAR WITH YOUR SHOULDER if without a Bluetooth headset or a convenient place for speakerphone.

  3.  I am waiting for the first android clamshell phone to arrive to Europe. Does not matter if it´s a Samsung, Sharp or any other brand as long as it´s a clamshell with plenty of room for the thumb to type. I hate the phones with sliders – you just can´t get a good grip of the phone whilst typing.

  4.  so sad it’s only released in japan though :(

  5.  omg i was just thinking of the idea of an android flip phone ytd suddenly, and found out today that an article about  its first release was published ytd! this is cool 😀 i love flip phones (:

  6. Ghhsfootball13

    I think the flippiness of it is just fine. Some people might like that. But all of it’s other features are what get me excited. That killer camera and the fact that it’s waterproof? AWESOME!

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