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Samsung’s 300ppi Retina Display for Tablets does 2560 x 1600

Holy smokes. You know how everyone went gaga over the Retina Display on the iPhone 4? Now imagine having that kind of pixel density on a tablet-sized device. Yes, this display is for real and it’s coming from Samsung.

Even though the screen is a fairly standard 10.1-inches across the diagonal plane, it boasts an enormous resolution of 2560×1600 pixels. That’s higher than just about every standard computer monitor that you’ll find on the market today. Remember that a 20-inch monitor is actually four times the size of the 10.1-inch tablet, even though in this case it’d only have about half the number of pixels.

To be fair, this is “just” a pixel density of 300ppi (pixels per inch), compared to the 326ppi on the iPhone 4. That said, the iPad 2 only has a pixel density of 132ppi. To achieve the 300ppi mark, Samsung is using the same kind of PenTile RGBW technology as that used on the Nexus One (which had 254ppi). Some said PenTile made for blurry text and color banding, but the hope is that Samsung has improved on the tech.

Just as Samsung kept most of the beautiful Super AMOLED goodness for its own stable of products, we’d think that they’d implemented this tablet “Retina Display” for its Galaxy Tab. Then again, Apple is one of Samsung’s biggest customers and I’m sure Cupertino would want to say they’ve reinvented the Retina Display all over again. They just have to get over that lawsuit thing.

In any case, the new display should show up in tablets “later this year.”



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  1. Ohhh, let the resolution wars begin. Unfortunately this gives me yet another reason to wait to buy an android tablet. Sorry Google, the time will come… 
    I fail to see how some people commenting about this can spin this tech as a bad idea… The only bad idea would be for Samsung to give this tech exclusively to Apple….
    On a side note I must say that I really wish Samsung and other Tablet makers would take a que from yesteryear and start talking ‘features’ as apposed to limiting all their development to Processors, Cameras (which will be  useless on devices like these until augmented reality tech catches up), and Displays. Where is my IR transmitter that I would undoubtedly use every day. Where is my PICO projector? Where are all the truly wireless standards and why isn’t this industry embracing them. I relish the day when I can by a tablet that literally haze ZERO holes in it and is by design completely water proof. (no, I don’t give a sh*t about having a mic or speakers on a tablet either. I’ll gladly trade them for bluetooth or WiFi direct since I’d be using headphones 99% of he time anyway.
    Anyway that’s my two cents.

  2. The technology sounds amazing and tablets are great for entertainment and quick/brief info consumption.  But when it comes to information input and complex data manipulation (most students and information workers need that), it’s either laptop or upcoming hybrid (having laptop’s function + tablet’s touch)…

  3. I dont are about price; (i went to school and actually studied) so i have good income coming in. All i want is the display to be great and have a ln even better gpu. I hope his works out for samsung and apple as well. I cant effinv wait for the ipad 3 to come. Im EXCITED!!!!!

  4. Am I right that such high resolution requires very powerful CPU and GPU? Will such retina display significantly lower the performance of tablets?

    •  Considering that the bar on Tablet performance is low as is it’s really not going to do much.

      Also reason the system isn’t pushing a resolution that high, the SCREEN can SUPPORT it but we’re still going to be using a lower resolution – the idea here is that there’s more PPI (pixels per square inch) therefore the picture quality will be better.

      However if anyone has tried watching Standard Def TV on a High Def LCD Panel… you know the truth – LCD panel works best with the res it was designed for.

  5. High-res displays on portables is fine if you never play movies on them. Can you imagine how crappy a YouTube or even a High-Def video would look? That’s why iPads don’t have retina displays.

    • That doesn’t make any sense. What makes a low-res video look worse is blowing it up to a large size, it has nothing to do with screen resolution. You’re an idiot.

      •  Actually he’s right.

        the higher the resolution of the screen the higher the resolution of the image needs to be.  Since the resolution of High Def videos are lower than the screen resolution they will look terrible.

        Go to your HD TV, switch it to an SD channel, and you will see how terrible it looks.

        • You’re missing the point. A 320×240 video running on a 10.1″ screen looks pretty much exactly the same whether that screen is 1280×1024 or 2560×1600.

    • If the screen size stays the same and Apple doubles the pixels like they did with the iPhone, those videos would look the same on a Retina Display. It’s just that they wouldn’t look as sharp as higher-def videos made for that screen size. It’s the same thing with iPhone apps. Apps not updated for Retina Display didn’t look worse on iPhone 4s, they just didn’t look as good as iPhone 4 apps.

      And with video I don’t think it matters so much. I blow up small videos on my 1080p tv and they’re fine. Apple does a good job of upscaling videos usually. Obviously 1080p is better, but that doesn’t mean I should stick with a 720p tv.

  6. They won’t be able to give these things away for free. It’s all about the iPad baby!

  7. could someone PLEASE post more information about the Samsung Series 6 notebooks. The Series 9 is fantastic except a little small for my needs. The RF511 so far as my choice over the VAIO CB series, but the Series 6 promises even better. Last press on this baby was April and I need to update soon.

  8. It all boils down to price. Hope it’s cheaper than iPad.

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