Fujitsu Concept Tablet-Notebook Folds In Four For Easy Transport

You know what’s the problem with most notebooks and netbooks? Their footprints are just too big, forcing you to lug around a bag of some kind. This Fujitsu concept, though, helps to make things easier by adding an extra fold to the mix.

Think about a normal laptop. It folds once. Now, imagine having a product that folds a second time (so into quarters). This effectively cuts the footprint in half, getting you that much closer to a pocket-friendly computer. Folding keyboards are nothing new — they were all the rage on Palm Pilots — but a folding screen without a seam would be quite fascinating.

Alas, this is just a concept, so who knows when and if something like this will ever hit the marketplace. By then, we could be using Minority Report-style projections to navigate our way around our brain-integrated computers as we make our way around our sky towns in flying cars. With touchscreens.


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  1. Ivett says:

    I love this Tablet-Notebook so COOL!!!

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