Microsoft To Unveil Windows Phone Mango on May 24

The Windows Phone OS is getting some major updates. Known as “Mango” the new Windows Phone OS release will add multi-tasking,  turn-by-turn navigation, Bing music identifier, SMS dictation and “more.”

There will be a preview for media on May 24, when Microsoft will give a rundown of the new features. Microsoft rushed to release the Windows Phone 7 Series last year, and one of the results was a lack of compatibility with Windows Mobile applications. The phone’s features were behind Apple and Google, and with “Mango” Microsoft hopes to catch up.

Some of the Mango features include Bing Audio, which allows you to search for music that you hear, and provides you with links to download it in the Windows Marketplace for Mobile. Bing Vision will have a barcode and QR code scanner that can pick up Microsoft Tags and detect CDs, DVDs, books and texts using optical character recognition. Turn-by-turn navigation with Bing maps will let you use your Windows Phone as full navigation device. Another new feature will be SMS Dictation, where your Windows Phone will read your messages to you. We’ll keep you updated on the unveiling of the Mango.

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  1. V1victor says:

    Windows Mango ( aka Windows “Mangle” ?? )

    Will it include:

    1 ) auto-rotate of the home screen?

    2 ) support for micro sd cards?

    3 ) updating for Windows “myphone” website, permitting increased storage for photos?

    4 ) support for integrated modem wi-fi routers ?

    5 ) can Stevie B recover from his sclerotic, last-gen mentality? Time will tell, but I doubt it, as it seems Microsoft is institutionally paralyzed ……

    kwv – dc

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