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The $1 Billion Class Action Lawsuit Against Sony

And things are just getting worse and worse for Sony. They’ve already announced that that the credit card information of millions of users has been compromised. They’ve already left them without online gaming and other PSN goodies for weeks. And now, Sony is facing a massive class action lawsuit.

McPhadden Samac Tuovi LLP is a law firm based out of Toronto and they’re handling the class action lawsuit launched against Sony Entertainment and its associated companies. The figure being thrown around at the moment is a cool $1 billion, though that might go even higher as more gamers sign up to be a part of the settlement.

The accusation? They’re saying that Sony breached the privacy of millions of customers and allowed hackers access to credit card information off the company’s servers. Sony has already said that around 102 million users were compromised during the recent hack, including credit card numbers, addresses, user names, and more. I dont know if this can hold up, Sony did not par take in the breach, although they were holding the user information they are responsible, but was it intentional? No, and what did these customers “lose” other than service? It is not known if the credit cards of the customers have been mis-used.

Natasha Maksimovic is a 21-year-old PSN customer and she’s the one that went to McPhadden to get the wheels in motion. Somehow, I think this class action lawsuit is pretty much in the bag, so you might want to look into how you can get your proper compensation… you know, aside from a month of free PS+.



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  1. I had my credit card copied and used for over $200.00 in Louisiana and I have never even been there. There are some people here that are affected by this and only those people should join in a class action lawsuit. I have been trying to get my money back for over a week now and its just the stress and time that I would like to see someone pay for. Im not asking to get rich here just want someone at Sony to make this right.  

  2.  People, think about it. Its all about losing the ability to play games online. Personal Data was stolen, by an Unknown entity. Whose to say some criminal doesnt have my name address and other private information. Fact is when it comes to getting peoples personal info, every step needs to be taken care of when it comes to security. Sony didnt do that and they are now suffering the consequences. 

  3. I wonder what kind of monetary value Natasha Maksimovic(and others in the suit) lost during this PSN outage. It’s bad enough Sony has all these problems going on; so why sue them? Go do something productive(read a book, etc.). Why not just file another pointless lawsuit for their firmware not allowing to run home-brewed software? Have to agree with halftard117 on this.

  4. Wow, talk about idiots engaging in frivolous litigation once again. A class action lawsuit does nothing to benefit anyone except the greedy lawyers lining their pockets with a large portion of an award that will be split by so many people that it will be negligible. Woo.. a group of people engaged in illegal activity against a company, we’d better sue the company for being victims of a crime. Freaking vultures. I’m betting the initiator of the suit plus many of those who will join in are part of the problem that is Anonymous, and are just trying to cash in on their illegal activity.

  5. compensation for something that is free. Retards. Probably the same person to sue over hot coffee.

  6. But what about the people who played SOE games and had their information hacked too? The class action doesn’t cover them…

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