Chevy Volt Price Starts at $41K Canadian

Chevy Volt Price Starts at $41K Canadian

Chevy Volt Concept

2011-chevy-volt-640x278 Chevy Volt Price Starts at $41K Canadian

It’s been almost a year since we learned about the American pricing for the Chevrolet Volt, but only now have they announced how much the electric car is going to cost when you buy in the Great White North. The Canadian MSRP on the Volt starts at $41,545.

Surprisingly enough, that’s almost on par with the American starting price of $41,000. However, the US Government is giving out a $7,500 credit on the greener vehicle, bringing the net price down to $33,500. Pricing on the Nissan Leaf is comparable. Do Canadians get the same kind of benefit? Well, it depends on where you live.

chevy-volt-concept-picture-10723 Chevy Volt Price Starts at $41K Canadian
Chevy Volt Concept

Buyers in Quebec might be eligible for a $8,000 provincial rebate, while Ontario buyers can try to get their $8,500 rebate. There are no federal tax credits for EVs in Canada, so it’s being handled on a province-by-province basis.

Although I much preferred how the Volt looked in its concept stages versus how it looks today (the GM Prius) as a final production unit, I think it stands to make a statement for the industry… even if it doesn’t look all that special anymore. Find the Volt in Ottawa, Toronto, Oshawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Vancouver, and Victoria this fall (if you pre-order now).

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