Sony Adds 25M Names to the Hacked List: PSN Service Delay Imminent?

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Screen-shot-2011-05-02-at-10.11.54-PM-640x309 Sony Adds 25M Names to the Hacked List: PSN Service Delay Imminent?

Oh Sony, how big and dangerous you have become.  Many of you were excited with the latest news of PSN service coming back online shortly, but don’t jump up and down just yet, because Sony has just announced  (as of May 3) that their Sony Online Entertainment PC games network was also hacked.

Sony said late Monday evening that names, addresses, emails, birth dates phone numbers and other information from 24.6 million PC games customers – sounds like your base belongs to us – was jacked from Sony’s data servers, including what we are told data from “outdated” databases from back in 2007.

This latest breach includes the theft of over 10,000 direct debit records from Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain and over 12,000 non-U.S. credit or debit card numbers.

Sue Tanaka on behalf of Sony said “They are hackers. We don’t know where they’re going to attack next,” when asked if there could be a risk of other data being compromised.

Sony Facebook games are down now as well, since the new breach Sony was forced to take down the games.

This recent news may delay the PSN network from being revived which was originally expected sometime this week.

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