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PSN “Welcome Back” Program Includes Free PlayStation Plus

Unless you’ve been isolating yourself in a WiFi-less mansion outside of Islamabad for the last while, you’ve likely heard about how Sony’s PlayStation Network was compromised. Well, Sony is ready to bring PSN back to the masses next week over the next week with “Phased Global Rollout of Services to Begin Regionally,” announcing a “Welcome Back” program.

So, let’s start with the good news. The good news is that the Welcome Back program includes 30 days of free PlayStation Plus. If you don’t have PlayStation Plus, then you get to try it out. If you already have PlayStation Plus, they’ll extend your expiry date by 30 days. They’re also offering a month of free downloads for “selected PlayStation entertainment content.”

Sony is gearing to get PSN back online next week and it’ll get beefed up with increased security, hoping to prevent similar situations in the future. The bad news? In the present, about 10 million credit card accounts may have been compromised by the hackers. So, yeah, you might want to keep an eye on your transactions on those cards or, better still, ask your credit card company for a new number altogether.



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  1. Im not even allowed to view the content at the moment. Only some stupid pixel theme. I never had this problem with Microsoft this is really getting on my nerves.

  2. SwifferSuperJet

    Lame guys, very lame for you to be so upset over some online gaming. Turn off your vitamin D lamp and head outside. I’m concerned about the leak of personal info. Too many things attached to that e-mail and credit card number. I know there are laws regulating the credit card data you cam store. Remember TJ Maxx and Heartland. Damn SONY! Fix it and make it worth more then a welcome back e-mail with a 30 day Plus subscription. Do a free subscription for a year. Besides who do you think is going to subscribe to Plus anytime soon? SONY needs to take their time and communicate their actions clearly.


    Wow you ps3 oh its so great and kicks xbox 360’s but hahahahahahhaha you are the losers. PSN won’t bee back on till after may 31 wow sony sux. Hahahaahahhahahahahahaha over a month and a half of no service. You get WHAT U DON’T PAY For……. pps3 is a joke at least xbox gives money for short inconv. And also 3 year warrenty if u have problems. U ps3ers should check all the xbox sales lol. You all are band wagons


    Wow sony ps3 uses are complete morons. Your worried about when it will beon. Lol 99 percent of ps3 users are. Fat overweight hot pocket eating blobs who live in thr moms basemnts. I own a ps3 but xbox has always been great. They dontlie and say wait 2 more days. Wow u ps3 users r dumb you get what u don’t pay for.

  5. whether today was the official playstation network back online?

  6. ehhhhhhh….I do agree the people should stop bitching and just play co-op but w/ some of the new games the main draw is online play….with some new games it could be argued that the story and co-op modes have been neglected to make for better online game play ie……black ops i beat the story mode on veteran in less than 3 days…..i’m not sayin i’m just sayin

  7. sooo when is the psn coming back on???

  8. Thats not cool at all. People without ps+ get 30 days free.
    people already in ps+ lose a month, but gain a month. Therefore we’re still paying for it! :S

  9. I agree, but honestly to me the story gets boring fast, but I have used this time to catch up on some of the classic games I have such as Bad Fur Day for N64 and Dynasty Tactics 2 for PS2. I need more FPS with multiplayer VS AI. any suggestions would be nice. (not online)

    • on black ops u can play splitscreen w/ friends or against the computer solo!! not the same as online play but put it on veteran and it will keep u from getting rusty

  10. Barry McGiggles

    i’ll happily take a few weeks without online play in exchange for free stuff

  11. and just cuz people want psn back how does that mean they dont have a life ??

  12. ehhhhhhhh omg man another week :( im sure it was to start today or tomorrow well this is just great

    watch next week its another week :(

  13. lol…I love the mention of WiFi-Less mansion in Islambad. It may have taken 10 yrs but we finally got Bin Laden. Only bad thying is its not going to change anything.

  14. WTF? another week? seriously… sony said that it would be back online tomorrow -.- or wednesday, on april 27 they said that psn would be back on in a week…

  15. Well im glad sony has fixed the problem. I Was a bit worried that i was still being charged for my subscription to PS Plus.

    way to go Sony

  16. can u get playstation plus on psp??

  17. Martinez Kingston12

    Haha 30day extended with a month on free download with plus seems fine with me. Idk any moron to use a credit card in PSN or anyother website, but you took the risk. Lol

  18. I could care less about when PSN is coming back . I want to know what Sony plans on doing to compensate the 2 million customers that have the hassle on there plate to change there credit cards and now have to watch for identity theft ! piss on PSN and Piss on Sony.

    • sonyps3usersrgay

      U guys “ps3 fans” are a bunch of bitches! I have ps3 only for blu ray and tahtas it. What do you fags expect when you don’t pay for online service. Oh ps3 ur so great so great hahahahah u guys got fucked. As always a die hard xbox and xbox360/live fan forever. What a bunch of suckers you guys r……

      • If you have a PS3 ONLY for the blueray player then you’re a bigger douche than any fanboy out there.

        • SONYPSEUSERS&%$#

          That’s all its good for. At least whn xbox was down we were compd. And xlive didn’t get hacked by 77 million. Wow sony sux. Here’s what ps3 geeks are. They are little boys in there moms basemnt who are over 300lbs eating hot pockets.

      • you assholes were hacked in 08..down for two weeks..no ones safe..not even microsoft

        • Your an ftard two weeks msoft had issues and u nutless ps3ers arnt going to be on for a month and a half what a loser u r. Get ur info str8 u fat dumab a$% hotpocket. Eat dbag

      • 360 always has been and always will be the inferior platform hope your p.o.s. systems under warranty when it overheats and dies …….idiot

        • Hey, dumbass… Microsoft is worse. They could get shut down for a month and all they would do is actually RAISE the prices of Xbox Live to earn back the money they lost.

      • thats your opinion, i could bash xbox right now. but ill keep my opinions to myself. maybe you should to. and stop with the improper grammar. its “are” not “r”. You are the reason China is the number one English speaking country in the world.

      • Another person who has nothing to do but rant here, how sad…

    • dude its their their man not there there means i wanna go there their means their systems still down …..someone didn’t pay attention in third grade english

  19. It is too funny how long they have been down.

  20. It won’t be another week. Sometime this week.


  22. if that “selected PS entertainment content” is too keep forever, and it’s something good, I’ll be happy! =)
    Pretty nice of them, though they lost a lot of money closing PSN for a while. Thanks Sony!

  23. Brooklyn2haiti

    another week?? smh

  24. R u kiddin me do we really have to wait another FUCKIN WEEK!!!!!!!

  25. How about a free game for those of us who don’t use Qriocity or P+? Nope, they won’t actually do anything for their loyal customers

    • read the article again dumbass it says u will be able to have a month of ps+ FREE as in no charge even if u don’t currently use it

  26. fuckin BS3!



  29. Yeah, I heard on IGN it is supposed to come back online tomorrow. Wtf m8?!

  30. Thinks Sony is weak


    Giving plus is just marketing for them and short sighted considering ppl will get pissed when they cant use the newly DL’d content after a month

    Getting a new card # shouldn’t be a maybe….do it now and also put a fraud alert on credit bureau accounts

    Sony has handled this horribly

    • how so? i feel they have handled it well.they sent out an email telling steps to protect yourself. i would much rather them fix the problem than push for it to be out and the problem is still there. such as Microsoft does often.

    • They are trying there best.. Cut them some slack.. Let’s see you try to get the FBI and Homeland Security to work with you to find the group of hackers that caused all the pandemonium.

  31. so this is saying it’s going to be another week?

  32. It sud be up this week not next week get ur info ryt …

  33. Thatguy20122013


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