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PSN Still Down, Was This A Retaliation?

What could be one of the largest breaches in network security history, the PlayStation Network (PSN) was hacked over the last week where Sony admits hackers were able to retrieve the personal information and data of 77 million PSN accounts, possibly including credit card details.

Sony made the announcement yesterday, one full week after learning of the intrusion. The announcement was possibly delayed in order for evidence to be gathered against the hackers. And of course, they didn’t want to ruin your easter weekend with this news.

A theory surfacing from Reddit explains that PSN was shut down to prevent users of custom firmware (CFW) from using a recently discovered method of pirating PSN content.

It’s obvious Sony has made some enemies as of late, whether or not this is a result of recent action towards the hacking community is unknown, but is timely.

For now, since you cannot get on the PSN, going on day 5, you can simply disconnect your PS3 from the network and keep a watchful eye on your credit cards used on the PSN.



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  1. It doesn’t really involve me because I haven’t got a PS3 but I know lots of people who do. The PSN needs to get organised because the hackers really need to get arrested. In fact, they should be in jail for the rest of their life because this is bad. It involves millions (nearly a billion).

  2. Already have my card company on fraud alert. This is a massive fumble by the folks at Sony, but they have made a LOT of enemies recently. The hackers are a deplorable bunch for sure, but in the back of my mind I thought this might happen. Waiting to see what happens next before jumping out of the window. Heh, unfortunate.

  3. is it really workin

  4. oh its not a hack some guys have figured out how to get round the copyrght of the games so can get FREE GAMES AS SUCH THIS WAS DONE TO STOP PEOPLE GETTING GAMES WITHOUT PAYING STUPID PRICES LIKE £50 A GAME

  5. to those that suggest that the PSN is free. Are you realy that ignorant the ps3 cost £550 approx while the x box is far far cheaper. the xbox has a paid internet subscription and playstation does not SO WHAT. what all companies do to OTHER COSTS ( this is the PSN) is to use an economic concept called factorising the total cost to playstation is factored into the retail price of the ps3 all multi nationals and corporations use this method. DO YOU REALY THINK YOUR GETTING A SERVICE SUCH AS NETWORK GAMING FOR FREE. all these costs have been passed onto the consumner and they are not cheep costs as £550 show. Now the fact that those that bough PS3 are the consumers and the vast % of gamers use ther products online means that the ability to consume the products that has been purchased is gone in fact the oppertunity to consume has been removed for over a week now dissallowing those that have paid money to participate in a specific consumption of goods are not allowed to. if we are due some compensation and i would say we are as the service is not free as it is factored ito retail price. again nothing is free corporations make money by profit not by giving things away for free evenmcdonalds kidstoys arent free the cost is factoredinto the sale price WAKE UP MUPPETS

  6. yup works for me


  8. finally!! didn’t believe you but i just logged in right now and. i’m about to play black ops

  9. oh yes psn works it does wow finally!

  10. Psn can kiss my anus im now a 360 player now I brought my elite back and givin the ps to my nephews

  11. psn works go on im on it right now!!!!!!!=]

  12. PCI Compliance??? Jesus

  13. LeBlunt_James420


  14. sony should owe us something…im paying 30 bucks a month for internet just to play online on ps3 and i paid 600 bucks for a ps3.free? hell no. the reason i got a ps3 was cuz of the online other than that i would of gotten 360….and top of that im paying for netflix witch it wont even let me watch a movie. it says cant connect to psn try again later.

    • Netflix dosnt use the psn in reality, just hit circle and continue, I can use my netflix and it works fine.

    • Netflix WILL connect, I have been wathcing netflix since this started ON MY PS3 so dontput that BS out there. All you have to do his try to connect and when it errors out it will let you onto Netflix. I have been doing that all week. Periodically after about 4 hours you will need to hit connect again but it will let you back in no problem.

    • Seargent_Shart

      hey man, you can watch netflix still, just click the “sign in” button as if you were gonna sign into the PSN then hit circle mid load and netflix should load up with no problems.. worked for me and a couple buddies should work for you, you can also go on the web browser too… good luck.

  15. i just sold my ps3 and got me an xbox 360. its pretty good now that i have the money to buy it and try it out online…black ops!!. well see ya losers=0 with your ps3 with no online

  16. Sony sucks simple

  17. Chapis_luver_14

    theyy need to bring it back up ! ASAP im going crazy !!

  18. people like crewsoccerfan2 dont stress bout credit card info because they must be to broke to get psn+ but if you did use credit card info you would be stressed bout it when they start takein all ur money shut up i think the whole thing is bs big time

    • No he or she doesnt stress out cuase all you have to do is change your card number. It doesnt cost a thing you only have to wait a few days

  19. well i was a Great fan of sony, and that has all changed. After this big mystery issue with psn being down. I now sold my playstation 3 as well did my brother n all of are friends. We now own a X Box 360 so good luck sony, n have fun loosing all your customers because thats whats happing arounds the world if u didnt know

    • Nicklausklipfel

      your blaming sony for getting hacked? your blaming sony for shutting down the network so no others dont get there info stolen? your blaming sony because you cant handle not playing video games for a week or two? get a life buddy.

  20. dammm.. why didnt they do this on a working week.. they had to pick spring brake for this.. dammmm it

  21. Danielcropper14


  22. I Really think that Playstation is really amazing im sure they will find a way to compensate us the users.

    • why its free. unless you paid for some online games or have Psn+, maybe they are doing ppl a favor. do you know how many kids barely see sunlight

  23. yourgayifyoutagthis

    Shut up @Crewsoccerfan2 why would we get an xbox..

  24. Crewsoccerfan2

    compensation????? idiots!!!!!!!
    why do you or anyone else feel that youre owed something??
    i am an avid ps3 user as are my 12 and 10 year old sons (who this seems to be killing because they have had to see sunlight) i am just as upset as the rest of the 70 million users.
    havent talked to friends in a week who i only talk to online.

    but why should sony owe us anything??? its a free service, except those with psn+, but if the reason Sony took network down was because of an intrusion and all of our account info was put at risk.
    i commend Sony for doing what they had to to protect the information of those not yet exploited!

    if youre that upset Xbox is on sale at most local stores.
    i personally will wait and suffer until my ps3 and psn sync again.

    quit crying people!!!!!

    • because sony markets free online play as one of reasons to buy ps3 over xbox…

    • THANK YOU!!!!
      You are all acting like no online play for a week is destroying your very being….. And to all of you People saying you sold your PS3 to get an XBOX you are all Lying. Its ridiculous that you would even come online to LIE about that. LOL people on the internet are so funny.

    • Hey dumbass arent you the one who cried like your Vagina hurt and said you traded your ps3 for xbox…………… Retard!!!

  25. this is some bullshit

  26. they wouldnt have this problen if u could use cfw online

  27. F SONY HACKER RULE!!!!!!

  28. any compensation ?

  29. when will ps3 network be back on

  30. The first message I received when trying to log in last week stated that my attempt to add credits to my account had failed. This was early Thursday morning and I had not made any attempt to add credits to the PS3 network. I find this to be extremely creepy. Any news?

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