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Fujitsu LifeBook Notebook swaps Optical Drive for Pico Projector

When was the last time that you really needed a DVD drive on your computer? What about a CD-ROM? Even Blu-ray Disc drives aren’t all that useful anymore, since we’re shoving everything onto USB flash drives and downloading things from the Internet. So, Fujitsu is making better use of that space.

The new Lifebook S761/C and S771/C notebooks give you the option of ripping out the optical drive and replacing it with an integrated pico projector. This sounds infinitely more useful, particularly for traveling execs who need to make sales presentations on the go.

The smaller of the two is the Fujitsu Lifebook S771/C with its 12.1-inch (1280×800) display. Power comes by way of your choice of either a Core i3-2310M or Core i5-2520M processor, backed with 1GB of RAM (really?!) and 160GB hard drive.

The Lifebook S761/C is the larger of the two, but it’s still a very compact notebook PC with a 13.3-inch (1366×768) display. You can go really low with a Celeron B810 processor, but you’re probably better off with either the i3-3210M or i5-2520M chip. As with the S771/C, you only get a gig of RAM and a small-ish 160GB hard drive.

As with so many other Fujitsu products, I’m going to assume that you get some business-grade build quality but at a business-grade price. Find them in Akihabara or somewhere else in Japan in a couple of months.

[Akihabara News]




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