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Video: Spider Table Mechanically Walks

Last week, we saw the Kondo Spider Bot. That seems like a cool toy that might actually have some purpose. Today, we take a look at the Spider Table… and it doesn’t quite look at useful.

As crazy as it sounds, this is a table that is able to move itself. The legs are not fixed; instead, they are attached to a series of servos and joints so that the table can walk like a spider. Yes, it’s walking furniture, easily moving itself from your dining room to the porch, so long as you provide it with a little bit of guidance.

I just can’t see how the Wouter Scheublin walnut table is of any real use (aside from art for art’s sake). Sure, it’s a funky novelty, but given its relatively small size, it’s not exactly hard to pick it up and move it to the other room. That, and I’d rather not bow down to our robot table overlords.

The scary thing? It’s not just a proof of concept; there are eight limited edition units up for grabs.

[Read via Wouter Scheublin]



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  1. Err.. title is wrong. It has no motors and so can not move on its own.

    • Thank you for catching that.. We could be in serious trouble if it could move on its own during dinner.

      • Yeah, article says it has Servos. When clearly it has none and is purely driven by mechanic force by pushing it.

        Why not change the title and update the article so it’s correct?

        • I’m waiting to hear back from the author, perhaps he found some information that isn’t in the video.

        • Sorry for the confusion. You’re right. I was wondering why the person was nudging the table along if it was able to move on its own. Looks like just a clever series of joints. Not sure if that makes it better (no table robot overlords!) or worse (even less useful).

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