SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket To Carry 117,000 Pound Payloads In 2013

Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX), a private company who plans to make Space exploration commercial, recently successfully launched the Falcon 9 rocket. Their most recent plan is to build the Falcon Heavy; the world’s largest rocket ever made capable of carrying a payload of 117,000 pounds.

What does SpaceX plan to load on the rocket and blast on up to space that weighs so much? Details are slim and vague at this point, they do mention “satellites” and also that “if allowed to compete, SpaceX can help the Department of Defense save at least one billion dollars annually in space launch services, while providing a truly independent family of vehicles to help assure access to space.”

The Falcon Heavy would chime in at $80 to $125 Million per launch and could roll out in late 2012 with a first launch coming as early as 2013.

[Read via SpaceX]

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    There must be some idea of payloads.

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